Shine Outreach Ministries is looking for a donor Resource coordinator from America, Australia,canada and united kingdom, these coordinators will work while at home an dare open to mostly voluteers, professionals and retired christians who want to serve God. His or her work will be to mobilise resources and organise fundrising for the needy people in africa. we request you to contact us . may God bless you as you respond.

SHINE OUTREACH MINISTRIES welcomes all students and volunteers who want to work with our ministry projects from all around the world, if interesed contact us.

Together we are stronger. We ask you and everyone you know to join us on these projects

Prayer Request

Pray for us to get funds for construction of school and clinicl in Busia Uganda . Medical and construction Mission Teams are Ugently needed.

We organise tailored Missions and call upon volunteers to come and work with us in summer and winter in our programs