Missions and Volunteers

SHINE OUTREACH MINISTRIES organises long and short mission trips to africa in uganda for teams, individuals and groups that work alongside slum and rural people in communities.

Our volunteer/ intern program is based in Busia district 98% of the population is in the rural areas depending on farming with challenges of poverty, educational need and medical support. Uganda is a country in East Africa on the shores of Lake Victoria with a population of 34 millions people. It's famously called "the pearl of Africa" by Wit son Churchill it's a home of mountain gorillas' ad chimpanzees Most visitors who come to Uganda say it is real Africa due its vegetation and nature , it has good national parks, farming and charming rural villages. However Uganda has the highest orphan rates in the world due to HIV epidemic, war and poverty.

The needs we have make volunteers, interns or mission teams have many activities in areas of teaching, medical, construction, information and technology, agriculture, farming, business, micro finance, art and crafts, spiritual counseling, evangelism, games and sports and many vocational skills mobile medical clinics.

We organized tailed mission for individuals, teams, we lost volunteers and interns from institutions, organizations and churches. We guide you on costs of accommodation, internal travel and feeding we have opportunities for lost families and our children centre.

Many students on internship have benefited through our methods of work Shine outreach children centre gives an opportunity to make many visitors discover their call, talent and develop professionalism make lifelong friends of children and widows new centre and discover you.

We have many opportunities for volunteers, interns and mission teams from organizations, churches, colleges universities and institutions to contribute the vision of education, provision to provide an orphan with quality education, medical services .

Prior teaching experience is not required volunteers simply need an open mind, caring spirit and compassionate nature. Our programs length: 1week-12weeks Work schedule 30- 40hours a week Accommodation: Host family, hotel,children center Meals: 3meals a day

  • Macho: Founder .
  • Ron: Orphans Heart and Hines
  • Dr. Karren: Weeps Intl
  • Mission Teams: Hope 4 Kids Intl
  • Ollie and Becky Jeffs: SOUK
  • Stephen Ballard: SOUK
  • Josh and Joel Erb: Soul Edge Inc
  • Tim and Justin: Breaking for Love
  • Construction Mission